LaTanya’s Story:
After I came to A New Way of Life, at first, the hardest thing was to get my ID. After being incarcerated for 28 years, there was no record of me. It took two months, but they were finally able to confirm my identity through my son’s death certificate.

The other hard thing was getting around. I had a young niece who I had never met face to face; she was born during my incarceration. She helped drive me places. I started to pay attention to street signs and bus numbers. Ms. Tiffany and Ms. Pamela gave me bus tokens and I found I could get around on my own. I recently started helping another woman learn how to get around.

A New Way of Life gave me housing; a roof over my head. Ms. Susan and Ms. Tiffany gave me resources; they showed me strength. I got a job walking in neighborhoods to encourage people to vote. It was exciting to work with Mr. Larry and Ms. Ingrid - I was learning to talk to people in general and to do something for myself.

Ms. Tiffany is such an inspiration to me! If I did something wrong, she would talk to me in private – not in front of other people. That was important, she really listened. She took me and the other women on so many outings; to Palm Springs and other community events. She taught me so much about living.

I’ve been out one year now. I applied for a transfer to live near my sister in Adelanto, near Victorville. Yesterday, I got a phone call from my agent. She said, “I have good news – you’re leaving. You’re going to be with your sister.” I was so excited! Ms. Tiffany was out of town, but I texted her right away.

My journey at A New Way of Life has been awesome. Thank you to Ms. Susan, Ms. Tiffany, Ms. Ingrid, Ms. Loretta, Ms. Iris, Ms. Pamela and Mr. Larry.

I’m ready to leave now.