Why they need a car...
ToyotaCar2014a--300x288Numerous studies have shown that when formerly incarcerated individuals are able to access shelter and personalized support services, they are far less likely to return to a state of incarceration. When a woman is released after a period of incarceration, we provide transportation from a prison or jail directly to our reentry homes.

This serves as a direct intervention to help her avoid potential victimization from being on the streets. When she comes to us, she will have nothing beyond the clothing she is wearing. Not only do we provide shelter and food, we also offer case management services to assist her with navigating helping systems. While she is participating in our program, we also provide transportation to help her access the services needed as self-identified in her service plan.

During 2012, we served 57 women and 16 children through our reentry homes. On average, 7 out of every 10 women who receive our services are able to make successful community reentries.